How to set up a Live Wallpaper on iPhone? Full guide

so how to set up a live wallpaper on your phone so yeah you can do it easily it's the same as setting up any other wallpaper um so yeah you just need to save it to your camera all to your photos and then in your photos what you need to do is just tap share and then tap use as wallpaper and then tap set and choose where you want to display it so there are so many apps like where you can find live wallpapers if you buy wallpapers oops sorry this is just like an ad in this app so yeah live wallpapers uh they have all these like cool effects and all of that uh if you want to set it up uh yeah it can be it can look pretty cool but some people still like steel wallpapers and uh yeah so for example in this app you can see this is hard doing stuff like that so it's pretty cool but then some people still like just normal wallpapers but the process to set up live wallpaper still wallpapers basically the same so just uh you just download this pulp so just tap on the wallpaper and there are so many apps wallpaper there are like so many ads to um to get those sometimes you need to upgrade though but anyhow so here is the wallpaper you need to download it to your camera to your photo so you need to give access to your photos and then it's I guess it's downloaded after this so anyhow that's the idea that you just thought um and yeah of course in in the apps you if you're using a free version of the app you will need some to watch some video app it can be like 30 seconds but anyhow uh like for example if you just have some folder here uh like any photo or can be like okay I like this photo so then you just tap share in the bottom left and then you have this option use as wallpaper and you're doing is the same for uh for live wallpaper so for steel wallpapers then you will just see the preview you can move it or scale you can move it to a bit another Direction uh so you can set up the perspective automatically so something like that and then yeah then you can just basically step set and then you will set up your live wallpaper so that's basically the idea hope that is helpful

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