How to set up Auto Recharge in BOSS Revolution Calling app?

is there so how to set up Auto recharge in Boss Revolution calling app so yeah super easy to do that just tap add funds in the app button and then yeah go back and then here you can tap set auto recharge in the top right and you can set up from 10 to 5200 and then that's the amount you would like to be added to your account when your balance Falls below three dollars uh so yeah that's basically what you can do uh so you can just tap payment also you can just add a card and then just set up Auto recharge every time yeah your balance Falls below three dollars you just add this amount so that can be convenient if you use this app frequently if you use this app once in a while probably there is no need to for that there is like a fund in history as well you can always tap help and then email them at any other inquiry

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