How to set up Family Pairing or Parental controls on tikTok?

hey so did you know that you can set up family pairing or parent control on tikto so just tap three dots in top right and here is this feature which is called family pairing i haven't seen it before so basically the idea is that you can just customize thin stick talk settings for a cipher experience so you can set a limit on your team's watch time you can limit content that is isn't suitable for routine manage privacy and safety settings and choose whether the kit has a private or public account so super easy to set up just tap continue then you need to select either parent or team so ideally you should do it at the same time as the same location just take both of your fonts and if you're a parent just type parent tap next  and then uh here is the generated qr code so then you just need to open on another phone do the same steps just open teens account uh and then scan the qr code so on the teens account you scan the qr code here so for example i have team then you just need to scan code which just appeared in the parent account so that's how you set up parental controls on tick tock

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