How to set up iOS16 Depth Effect Wallpapers?

so here i have found some useful tutorial about installing depth effect wallpapers on ios 16. so this is a new feature on ios 16 um i will try to show you it on your iphone but here it is just like as tutorial it's super easy so you can set up any photo as adapts effect wallpaper so just open the any picture in photos app click share button scroll down and tap use as wallpaper optimize the picture by two figures till the dapps effect shows on and then click done so just move these two fingers and then you will see this dab's effect like for example in this image you will see that the the image the the bunny ears they are just about like the time text and then you can just tap click as set as wallpaper pair back to lock screen and set done so something like that so try it out on ios 16 and then you will have these wallpapers where it's not just like a background image but where image is kind of behind the text or like some kind of text is using is in between of this image is interacting with image so it looks pretty cool

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