How to share a Prequel photo on Snapchat? (Video)

Share a Prequel photo on Snapchat – guide

  1. Create a Prequel photo.
  2. Add all filters and effects.
  3. When done, tap on the yellow icon in the top right.
  4. You will see all sharing options available – Instagram, Snapchat, iMessage, Facebook, Save Photo, etc.
  5. Select Snapchat. Your photo will open in the Snapchat app.
  6. Create Snapchat story.

That’s it!

How to share Prequel photos on Instagram?

Following the same process as for Snapchat, you can easily share Prequel photos on Instagram.

What is a Prequel app?

Prequel app helps you to create advanced filters for selfies or any other photos or videos. Then you can use these filtered photos on most popular social media apps or just save to your device.

You can add incredible visual effects. Try these filters: Disco, Miami, D3D, VHS, Glitch, Grain, Lomo, Cinema, Snapshot and many more. Add amazing live video filters, stylish intro & outro visual effects, lots of photo filters.

Get Prequel app:

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Prequel app

Aesthetic effects and filters for photos and videos: VHS, Stardust, Disco, Monroe. Retro, vintage, or Indie Kid – find your own aesthetic!

Create aesthetic edits with Prequel and such iconic effects as DISCO, BLING, MIAMI, PRISM, VHS, D3D. There’s Prequel for every story – start telling it now.


• 800+ EFFECTS and FILTERS to match any style.

• TEMPLATES: create high quality aesthetic videos in one tap.

• D3D: create amazing 3D moving pictures without any hustle. Add any trendy effect you want.

• TEXT: 30+ custom fonts. Say what you gotta say with style.

• MUSIC: add any tracks to your videos for immaculate vibes.

• STICKERS: add gifs, emojis, and stickers to your photos. Enjoy complete freedom of self expression.

• GIPHY Text: exclusive feature to create animated unique text stickers.

• ADJUSTS: various tools to tune your content and get the exact result you need.

• INTRO: meticulously designed starting effects for your photos and videos.