How to share a QR code link to Instagram Reel?

did you know you can share a qr code link to your instagram reel so just tap on three dots in bottom right and then you can tap qr code and this is the your uh qr code uh yeah which yeah where you can click on this qr code and yeah you can access them this video um so yeah uh that's basically how it works it's a recent update uh by instagram instagram is not allowing users to share anyone's post or real stroke qr code users also can share qr code locations through searchable map experience uh yeah so it can be pretty important for some marketing campaigns like there is a viral coinbase super bowl ad and sometimes it's just yeah it's uh you just need qr code in some rare occasions you don't like it or not some people don't understand qr codes and never use them i rarely use it but sometimes in some you know some posters some ads you need that to grab a user's attention or in some youtube live stream or something like that just add in that qr code and then you can redirect users directly to your instagram reel instead of them like you know type in your username searching for your real and all of that uh it's not clear if the qr code sharing features running out to all users across the globe but there you have it

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