hello everyone so here's Signal app recently introduced a new feature called stories you can see here a new way to share photos videos or texts they disappear after 20 24 hours they are end-to-end encrypted group stories you can share stories to groups you're in you can also disable stories and you can share them so how to share your signal story just tap on this camera icon in top right and then you can just take a photo I don't know here is like my cup or something so you can just do that you can also um add something um I don't know you can also add some text you can add some text background uh you can blur faces there are no faces but uh is how it looks like you can rotate the image if you want you can uh select media quality you can save to your device and then so yeah also you can just add text you can create a text story uh so anyhow uh basically that's what you can do so you can discard media and then again let's just repeat the process so for example again I can just share it my uh uh and then okay and then just tap send so here uh you select privacy of your story uh oh sorry so you can you can select if you want to share to previous stories or you want to create a new story uh you can create new custom story visible only to specific people or you can even select a group story share to the group of people so new custom story and then just share it to uh to people or you can just select previous story in my story and then just share it there so there you have it your stories and then here you tap on privacy in top right and then you can change privacy of your story so your story is like one flow and if you record the new images new text in that flow they will have the same privacy as a previous images so that's basically that uh yeah hope that can be helpful

Flutter Share Content like Text, Ur...
Flutter Share Content like Text, Url, Image, video & Document files using share plus package
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