How to SHARE AUDIO in PARODIST app? Guide

hey there here is part list app and how to share audio files in this app so you can just tap on the specific audio you want to create of course you can have free account premium account then you just enter the the name unfortunately you need to watch the ad if you're in a free account but in a premium account you don't need to do that and then after this step you can just share this voice message um so yeah just take some time sorry guys and there you have it and then you can tap is send it as a voice message and then you will just be able to send it like as a voice message file and then you can just for example send it on messenger WhatsApp it will be attached as it's like MP3 file alternatively you can just tap share again here and it will be the same you can also just tap on Facebook Instagram on Twitter and then you'll be able to share it to Twitter for for example um so that's basically the ideas or something like that you can also tap save and then you can just download this voice message

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