How to share ChatGPT chat with others?

Can you share your ChatGPT chat conversation with another person? The answer is yes, you can. ChatGPT offers a feature on the web, iOS app, and soon on Android that allows you to easily share your chat. By sharing a link to your conversation, you can give others access to view it. It's important to note that any messages sent or received after sharing your link will not be shared with the other person.

To share your chat, simply tap on the "Share Link" option within the ChatGPT interface. Once you have the link, you can send it to anyone you wish. The recipient can then open the link in their own ChatGPT client and continue the conversation from where you left off. This eliminates the need for tedious copy-pasting and enables a seamless continuation of the discussion.

It is worth mentioning that there might be certain considerations to keep in mind if you have customized your own ChatGPT model. For example, if you have added specific custom prompts or characters, it remains uncertain how these modifications may impact the other person's experience when using the shared chat.

Overall, this feature offers a convenient method for collaborating and sharing chat conversations with others. By simply sharing a link, you can easily involve others in your chat and allow them to contribute to or follow along with the discussion. Give it a try and see how it can enhance your ChatGPT experience!

I hope you found this information helpful and informative.

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