How to SHARE from CODENAME to TikTok?

here's codename app which is uh kind of like a tick tock from whatever's so to share um your video on snapchat or tick tock from here so as you can see it looks like like tick tock uh the interface but then you just have not real people you just have avatars avatar clips which are singing dancing like doing specific challenges and then by doing that you can claim crypto and getting some um yeah nfts and i think all of that but to share it just tap on share and then you can share is on tick tock and snapchat so in the very bottom right like share i share arrow tap on that and you'll be able to share it on tick tock and snapchat so maybe you can just first share on tick tock where there are like hundreds of millions of users and then get some traction and then get users more to this app and get followers in this matavars app

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