How to share Instafest poster?

here's instafast app so how to share your insta fast the poster so you just can sign in with Spotify with apple music and then you will see like your top listened artist during last four weeks six months of all time organized in kind of like a festival over here so insta fast creates a music festival graphic based on your must listen to Spotify artists you can customize your graphic by changing the time range of your top artists selecting a custom style and by changing a festival's name and then it's yeah you can just use that and yeah so you can just share your Festival you can name your Festival and then just share it with your friends and stuff like that so tap save and share and then you can just tap share button or you can just tap download So by share you can just save image to your camera roll or you can share this your colleagues and friends and have fun that's kind of pretty cool uh yeah is that probably another version of spot version of Spotify wrapped

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