How to share invites in Socialrebel app?

okay so here's social rebel app so how to share invites in this app so just go to your profile in top right and then you just click sit back and earn there is no mobile app there is only this like browser app you can access this website on the browser on mobile and then you will just go to this page and that's your referral link so just copy link and then just share in messengers and on social networks uh 20 dollars per sign up uh you can earn not for some purchase from your friends or some payment completion or some just for when they sign up and you can also earn just two dollars per click um [Music] when you're in white's earns by completing offer from a percent you will earn a 25 bonus from your invites um so yeah please guys please use this invite link here so i'll just copy that link and then you can just start using that i will just leave it in the description so yeah that's how it works in the sidebar you can see here invites uh you can see in white center and of course uh you can just share all of it on all these networks you can see all your invite stats stats and then there is a super cool invites guides where you can just um properly set up your like either instagram like how to edit your profile how to update beer how to leave this uh this promo banners have to add them in reels how to add them in stores and all of that so there you have it um just use these tips to get the most out of of this so yeah that's how it works um yeah just use my link as well i i just want to figure out if this app is a scam or not can you really withdraw your balance or not so my earnings right now is 78 dollars um you can only cash out if you reach 120 dollars and if you followed some specific steps so yeah we'll see                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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