How to share links and use AskHonest Q&A app?

okay so here's us honest app which is one of the uh replacements for yolo app probably you remember that one so the idea is that it's anonymous q a and to share your link you just create an account tap share now and this is your link and it's just copy to the clipboard so let's see what happens now if i just go to that link you can of course share it on all the messengers and all of that with your friends and then um yeah so this is how it looks like and then i can just send message and then to see mr heck your reply copy and past this go to ask honest app so yeah then you will just see this specific code i don't know why i don't see it but that's that and then you can see back to ask honest app i can see all the messages here and i can also see france so yeah that's the idea hope that was helpful

Flutter Share Content like Text, Ur...
Flutter Share Content like Text, Url, Image, video & Document files using share plus package
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