so there's a new feature unlocked widget app are now you can share your previous photos to snapchat and instagram directly so just tap on here in the bottom right and then you are able to share it to snapchat or instagram just from here of course you need to have a snapchat app installed and you need to be logging into your account and then you just tap on snapchat icon it says lock it wants to open snapchat let's see what happens here so snapchat passed it from locket widget and it's still loading takes some time so i think the idea is that of course you can just send it to share it from loki directly but it will just add like this locket icon in the bottom right and then let's just create this kind of story all right okay why it's zooming in and then it adds a link to to the locket um so that's so then you can just send to send to your story for example um and then yeah then you will be able to see uh your story or difference or whatever you want so that's the idea hope that was helpful

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