How to share MD Vinyl cover on SnapChat?

here's some dv new widget app and you can display it on your home screen while you're listening to some music and it's pretty fun app and the cool feature around it is that you can actually share songs you're listening on snapchat or instagram so first you can just edit all these images all the backgrounds you can edit the color scheme here if you want you can add some qr code which basically can help your followers to go to the track you can include the link or not you can add some signature [Music] something like that and then basically to share it you just tap share and then um you can just share it like this on instagram or whatsapp but there is no share option to snapchat stories so what you can do you can just tap save image save successfully and then i would just open snapchat and then you can just proceed with you know creating a story and tap here and then you can also add you can add some links so for example here you can add some sticker and in sticker you can search for link um or yeah stuff like that or i don't know maybe it's not possible to to add a link sticker um oh yes so that's basically that's the link and then uh you can go here uh uh your link can be copied from from the app um so like that copy that and then oops so yeah it's a bit it's a bit cumbersome on snapchat and then i just step at it again and then i can just pass like my link to to like something like that uh and then yeah so then you can just do that link and then just stand too so that's what i would do um yeah it's yeah it's a bit complicated process on snapchat there is no native sharing but hope that can be helpful thank you for watching it if you have any other suggestions or better ideas how to do it please just leave it in the comments below

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