Let's go through how to share NGL link to Instagram. You created your account. Great. But what to do next? Here is your unique link which you just need to tap to copy it. Then you need to share it. This app recommends that you need to share your link exactly to Instagram Story because that's where you can get a lot of interaction. Of course, you can also add it to your Instagram bio.

What you need to do is just, first of all, you need to have Instagram app available and you need to be logged in with your account, same account as you have on NGL app. Then just proceed with these instructions. You just need to create a story. Tap on Sticker in top bar. Then you tap on this link icon. Tap Next Step, and then you can add link here. Next Step, and then tap here on Instagram.

Here it is. Then you can add sticker in top part. Add sticker, add link, and then you can just tap Paste and then just tap Done like that. There it is. Now, you are sharing this link.

Then here, you can post it to your story. You can post it to close friends, just depends on the setting. Then just depends, you can send it as a message, but then it doesn't make sense. But you can just share it as your own story. Also you can add it to the highlights like that. Yeah, something around it. Now, I shared it, I think. This is my story now. This is how it looks like.

Then I can also share it to Facebook story. I can share as a post. I can delete it. That's basically the idea. When people click on this link, this is what they see here, and that they can reply, and their replies will be anonymous.

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