how to share your ngi link so in this app it's pretty straightforward and super easy uh uh compared to send it where uh it's an alternative app where you only have uh you don't have an option to create a link and copy it here you can just create your link and then here this ngl dot link slash your instagram username and uh yeah so that's basically from here you can just share it in the top right you have the idea of how to share the link but this tutorial is only for instagram stories so you can just tap on the this template tap on the uh sticker icon in top right and then tap on link button and copy that link in instagram but also of course because you just copied that link you can edit whatever you want wherever you like you can add it on a twitter bio like you can just add it here in the website section you can create a snapchat story and add the link to snapchat story you can share it in facebook group in whatsapp group chat anywhere you want so just yeah copy link and then there you have it you can just share it and people can just click on it and so basically here is the link and then here is how it looks like it can be clicked from any platform and then this is the link just opens this page and that's that's your anonymous messages page where people can reply to you and it it it works also outside of instagram stories so it's not tied just to instagram it will work in snapchat and twitter so that's i think is a cool feature about this app because uh send it app only is connected to snapchat i don't know how to like you know share send it link to instagram or copy a link there but here it's much easier so that's basically that i hope it is helpful

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