hey everyone so let's do an overview if you can share a snapchat crying face uh filter to to tick-tock or to instagram so here i have this grime lens which are going viral here it is so then i can just record it then i can just send it to my story um um but i'm just curious like how so then you can basically save this story save to memories and then probably from here you can somehow share it to [Music] yeah to or maybe yeah okay so let's just try again uh so let's try again so here you can send save it to memories and camera roll so from here uh something like that and then you can just save it to your photos and then basically if you open your camera roll you will be able to to go from here and then yeah from here you can you can save it you can share it to tick-tock or instagram reels or instagram so from here i can just go to tick-tock and share it on tick-tock like that or i can go to instagram and share it share it on instagram post story or message but not like on as an instagram reels but of course if you open instagram reels you will be able to add a photo there so that's my thoughts how to do it

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