hello everyone so here is locket widget and just figure out that there is a new update um that now uh you can now share your favorite lockets to instagram and snapchat so this is a new just released here so basically now if i go to the lock it with my history i can tap on share and then there is more like a native way to share to instagram or snapchat so if i want to share to snapchat i just okay i already have snapchat um so yeah probably of course you you need to have snapchat app already downloaded for for this feature to work so it won't work if if your snapchat app is installed or it was offloaded by apple but anyhow this is the the new feature you can and of course you can share to just tap on share menu and then you will be able to share to two places you can of course you would ask why would i need to use these buttons and where i can just open this menu and share from here but this is a bit faster and maybe there is a more like a native way of sharing so it will be the picture will just look better but i'm not sure you

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