did you know about this coinbase feature if you tap on assets tab second from the left and then just tap the share icon in the top right then you can just share a list of your assets and it will generate a link like coinbase portfolio something and then uh basically you can create a public link or just not public link no one can see it or public link yep everyone can see it so then you can just share this link uh you can copy it you can share it on instagram story twitter messages and yeah then you just see like this asset we need at least but uh people won't be able to see your balances like uh how how much actually in uh like in money do you own but just like you know the percentages like how much how many percentage you own of each asset so for example also here you can go to to specific asset and then you can also share a specific uh asset here so here's the bitcoin price chart uh like this so that's also a cool thing to do so yep that's about it

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