How to shop with Klarna app?

hey so here's klarna app so let's do a quick overview how to use klarna what is that and all the features so basically this is one of the most popular apps uh which helps you to shop now and pilot later so the idea is that it's basically a credit app so using this app you can just shop in all the like online stores h m nike apple and then just buy stuff but you will need to pa you can buy later in four weeks um it doesn't mean that you can get stuff for free but it just gives you gives you some time in specific occasions where you just don't have cash right now or some many other scenarios where you just need to buy item now and you can pay in four weeks so that's the idea there are a lot of deals there you can enable returns and all of that so let's just open it up um and the app looks like a browser so it is basically a shopping browser with this credit feature then you can just add search any url um go to any store or there are like feature stores in every country so for example also here in the bottom you'll see all the categories so you can see like for example if you want to buy sneakers there are in these stores jewelry fragrance tvs all of these categories of course they are different depending on your location in which country you are located and then then you will see recently viewed history here so yeah and then yeah so let's just show you how exactly it works and how do you make a purchase with klarna so for example i'm just going to this closing store in denmark i just want to buy something so i'll just keep browsing okay i for example i want to buy this jumper um i'll just add to my back so it's the same as i would do it in a regular google chrome or safari and then i will see this browser tap check out then i just need to add my details add some postal code and then yeah so whatever this store is requiring um some dummy phone and then there you have it then what i will see here that in check out along with cart and paypal i will just have klarna and then i can just pay 14 days after shipment and then i can just get invoice by email so yeah that's how it works there is no additional cost so i still have like the price for the jumper delivery fee and the total price and then i just need to tap buy now and accept terms and conditions and i will check out with klarna that's that and then i will need to pay back in 14 days then i in my clarinet i will see payments there are also purchases you can manage returns here the returns deliveries stores you can see all your and then of course there is like a support if you don't understand anything you can just tap contact and start the online chat so that's basically that you can also save some items and create a new collection so for example i'll just save this to save an item again you just browse in the store and then you can just tap save here so you can remove and then you can just tap save and it's saved in your collection um so yeah and then you can always go back and purchase it with clarner so that's basically just like a browser created around like credit and all of that so then you can just see all your history you can clear your history your account there are some settings notifications you can of course enable touch id and pin if you are afraid that someone can get access to your phone and just buy a lot of stuff on your name so you can always enable more security then there is your profile you can add a nickname and profile picture that's basically it there are also co2 emissions you can show like overview so there you have it hope it is helpful um and yeah so that's the app in in a nutshell that's just how it works so give it a try there are many other apps which are doing similar like affirm or after pay so yeah try them out but i think klarna is one of the top apps in the app store right now for this feature it's very simple design super easy to use and yes thanks for watching again subscribe to this channel visit my website for more amazing hacks and tips and yeah thanks for watching                                                                                                                                                          

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