How to show or hide age in Lapse app?

In the video transcript titled "How to show or hide age in Lapse app?", the narrator explains the process of displaying or concealing one's age in the Journal by Labs app. The demonstration starts by directing the user to their profile in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Within the profile section, users are presented with the option to either show or hide their age. It is important to note that while users have the ability to display their age, their birthdate remains private. However, the app does provide the option to publicly showcase one's astrology sign.

To show your age, simply input the desired age in the appropriate field. By doing so, your age will be visible to others who view your profile. Additionally, if you wish to reveal your astrology sign, you can easily add it to your profile.

The app also allows users to include supplementary snaps, offering a more detailed and personalized profile. These additional features provide users with the flexibility to customize their presence on the platform.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly control the privacy settings of your age while still showcasing your astrological sign and other key information. We hope this information proves helpful in navigating the profile settings of the Lapse app.

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