How to SHOW STEPS and HEARTBEAT in Obimy app?

here is a bimi app and did you know that you should show your steps here in the app uh so you can see them in in the top left part of the app here but if they're not showing up yeah just check your connection so if you just tap on the house or um here in this menu you should give access uh to obi-me app in steps section so that's what you can do and yeah so that's the idea your steps should be tracked just by your phone so you don't need any additional smart voice device but as you can see it is also possible to track heartbeat in the vimeo app and but here you need to have either apple watch a smartwatch connected to your device and only that heartbeat will appear in the beamy app so that's what you need to know and this is a cool feature because here you can see like the steps of your partner or you know just see each other heartbeat it's really cool

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