How to sign in in Bluesky social app?

hey everyone uh here is Blue Sky social app it's uh an app which starts to climb in the top charts in the in the US app store because Sims is one of the alternatives to Twitter and um yeah but to sign in you just go here and then you just sign in you need to select your server you can add other servers here so this should be a decentralized social media in future so other service can't mean like other server or like in demos app which is a similar app to this one these are called realize the idea is that it's just based on some kind of decentralized protocol and then you can select one of the servers in this protocol as I understand um so yeah and then you can just enter username and password and login unfortunately you need to have invite code at this moment um a ton nowhere to get it I have no idea so uh uh that's basically what it is

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