How to sign in to MyNBA 2k22 via Nintendo?

hello everyone so here's my nba2k22 you can finally get it in app store uh so just tap to start and there are multiple options to sign in either steam playstation xbox live or nintendo so then you just tap on nintendo you can use existing user account or if you don't have an account you can just tap create nintendo account and there you have it um it's free to create an account i don't think you need like a nintendo device and you can just sign up his apple or something and that's it so let's try to literally just now i will show you how to do it just i will sign up is apple and it instantly redirects me back to the app so okay i need to wait a while but let's just see what what's happening yeah i have chosen not to sign in but to create an account and now pretty fast redirected me but now it seems it's a bit glitchy anyway so this is the process i don't know like yeah i tried using apple id and it just seems taking some time so anyways just try to create an account and then sign in later                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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