How to sign up for POST.NEWS waiting list and what are priority criteria?

hey everyone so I signed up for this app called post news which is one of the title alternatives and here are some update so from the founder so you sign up for the post but I wanted to give you an update where since then there are over 125 000 people on the wait list and they try to release some features before letting these people in so at the moment you can just go to website and sign up for the waiting list so he says the founder that he is letting people in according to uh these priorities so you need to sign up for you as English that you spend time telling about yourself like what's your um your motivation date your applied number of refers to generated diversity like different genders occupation political learning shortcut for comedians and yeah so currently you can see total weight list 125 000 unactivated users 3500. and I don't know when this white list will be uh shortened maybe even more like hundreds of thousands people will sign up on the writing list uh to try it out uh so I can tell you more details about that but this is just an update so if you want to move faster in the writing list just make sure to sign up again in U.S English add more about your description apply as soon as possible yeah did diversity and if you're a comedian you can go there faster so this is an update interesting app boss dot news a lot of people consider it as one of the Twitter alternatives for for uh for time so that's that

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