so here is bitcoin app uh and finally they are launching their crypto uh one free sweet coin for a suite token for every sweet coin you hold uh we knew since we started this bitcoin 2016 we knew crypto was in our future we knew it could turbo charge our mission or making the more the world move more sweat the token will capture the value generated by your step is a currency applicable in the wider world outside of their marketplace so yep interesting so this app uh was kind of trending and i had it uh installed basically the idea it just tracks your steps uh and yes so you can install it it tracks your steps and then for the more steps you go you can earn some points and for that points in the app there was some internal marketplace where you could buy some uh some sinks so yeah like but their internal marketplace was really really limited you can buy some weird stuff but not that much of a value and all of that and you can't exchange these coins to to something else here uh actually you have uh this sweet coins now this new token which you can use everywhere on exchanges and you can buy real stuff anywhere so that's basically it uh so you can now sign up and try to get that i didn't try it out yet so here it is i need to open the app now but again i tried this app before uh and you need to go a lot of steps really to to earn [Music] uh uh will so there you have it so your balance currently 62 sweet coins and then you can get [Music] yeah so basically [Music] after the launch your first 5000 steps every day will create or mean sweat minting will get harder over time just like bitcoin as bitcoins as we sweat coins we take a five percent fee from the sweat created your wallet is waiting and then you just need to create your wallet so then you just basically can confirmation code and uh then you just get access to your sweetcoin wallet

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