hello everyone so i was just going here through the binance uh and just trying to figure out how can you stake a file coin so filecoin is kind of like a dropbox on blockchain as i understand so it's like decentralized storage project and they have of course their own token file coin file and yet it's it can be a good option actually so yeah you can stack the file coin and it can give you around ten percent uh annual percentage rate but of course it's it's different and it changes um so yeah you can just do it with your binance so just create an account in binance or binance you ask for your account and then just go to staking menu and try to stake that so then you just need to [Music] lock uh stacking using that amount uh also you can do it via so basically here it is finance uh just earn then go staking i'm using website so then here you can see choose searchcoin and then you just need to search like field file coin then you can select duration days and then you can just tap stake now so there you have it uh so then you just need to lock that uh uh lock amount but of course before that you need to buy some file coin with binance so you need to do that then you can see menu amount available qualify field personal quarter five uh yeah so you can do that uh and then basically just uh you can see all the details stake date uh value date from this period interest and date you can see a redemption period and then you can see redemption date uh so something around that uh but of course uh you need to uh trade convert or like either by trip crypto or just trade and convert like from you know i don't know finance coin uh to file coin for example so uh so it depends if you have some teaser or you have for example i have here some usdt and i want to get uh like filecoin so just go here [Music] yeah and then i just need to to of course it's not a big amount here but uh yeah anyways something like that the point is of course you just need it's possible to buy file coin here and then you can just take it on finance so that's what i would do hope that was helpful

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