How to stake in Sweat Wallet app? Growth Jars overview

here's with wallet app so how to grow or how to stake it here so you can just type grow and that's basically staking feature here earn up to 12 per year by putting sweat away in a gross jar so you can put uh sweat coin in a gross jar the more sweat you have stuck in groceries and more amazing rewards you will be able to to claim you can see all the rewards here uh seven more steps per day if you have five thousand sweats sweat voting rights or you can it's all coming soon so at community and discord if you have hundred thousands but that's a lot fifty percent discount on transaction fees exclusive newsletter 20 sweat so yeah that's what you can have so as you can see this is what i have available to grow so that's what i can do is there are different durations 12 months 12 percent per year six months six percent per year or three months your percent per year so you can just select that i can select max and then let's see how much i will earn then i tap continue and important things to keep in mind you can unlock jars until the end of their duration grocer are not risk-free and there is a small chance of not getting all your capital back of course it's crypto cryptocurrency values fluctuate and the sweat price could go up or down so that's basically how your use take and also another thing to know that of course you could have used sweatcoin app for years and you earned a lot of sweat coins there i have like 558 it's not a lot but they they are not unlocked uh all at once um so that's basically that uh if they're unlocked at some specific tempo so yeah that's basically the idea and then you can see grocer created when will it end you can see and then check out rewards uh so yeah still to grow uh and then i can participate in this drop or i need to grow more uh more sweat so here i can have this draw and yeah 6000 cards available so there you have it so yeah and all of that so it's pretty cool so try it out

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