How to start a 7-day free trial with SnapChat Plus?

so if you open snapchat app tap on your profile in top left and tap on settings you have this snapchat plus button where you can choose a subscription but i didn't know that there is a seven day free trial offer so doesn't matter on a plan you choose uh either it one month six months or 12 months there is a seven day free trial so you can just tap here and yeah you need to have your account created you need to have your account added and then you can just start seven day free trial uh and then your subscription will auto renew at your selected interval until you cancel so you won't be charged for seven days if you select seven day free trial uh yeah but then your subscription is starting and after seven days you will be charged so that's that snapchat plus is only available in selected countries right now and you need to update a snapchat app to have this feature snapchat plus doesn't cancel apps but just gives you access to some cool features such as best friends forever starter watch indicator snapchat plus badge friend solar system and all of that so yeah hope that's helpful

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