How to start a free trial in BabyLab app?

so here's baby lab app so it's only available if you upgrade and start a subscription but there is an option to have a free trial so if you tried that um yeah nice choice you can have really much fun with your friends and family but then you can just cancel it so you have a three day free trial and you can cancel it subscription automatically renews unless turned off in account settings at least 24 hour before current period adds so if you have three days free trial to cancel your subscription it should be done at least like at most like 24 hours so if you have three day free trial in fact this is like two days free because if you turn it off on the third day it's still the the billing cycle will start for the next month so that's super important for you to know so just try this three day free trial but cancel after two days and then you need to go to your settings app then go to here icloud and go to subscriptions and then in subscriptions you should find baby lab go go to that tab and scroll to the bottom and tap cancel subscription so that's how that should work so yep here for example i have text now subscription i can just scroll to the bottom and tap cancel subscription so that's the idea hope that is helpful

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