How to start a free trial in Chai app?

Chai app is offering a free trial for users who are interested in exploring its premium features. To start the free trial, simply update the app to ensure you have the latest version. Once inside the app, tap on "Get Premium" to begin the process.

The free trial is available for a duration of three days, but it is important to note that it is only applicable to the annual plan. During this trial period, users can enjoy unlimited messages, access to unlimited bots, and an ad-free experience. These features provide a comprehensive overview of what the premium version of Chai app has to offer.

To activate the free trial, tap on "Try Free" after selecting the premium plan. It's worth mentioning that subscription to the premium plan automatically renews on an annual basis, but users have the flexibility to change or cancel their subscription at any time.

Upon tapping "Try Free," users will be presented with the pricing details. The annual plan is priced at $135 per year, providing users with a full year of access to Chai app's premium offerings. Unfortunately, the free trial option is not available for the monthly plan.

It is worth noting that there is also an ultra-subscription option available. However, upon closer inspection, it appears that the ultra-subscription does not come with a free trial.

In conclusion, Chai app offers a free trial for users to experience the premium features it provides. By taking advantage of this trial, users can explore the full potential of the app before committing to the annual plan. Remember, the free trial is not applicable to the monthly plan and automatically renews on an annual basis.

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