How to start a GROUP CHAT on CLUBHOUSE app?

hey so here is clubhouse and they have a new feature called back channel which are basically direct messages and group chats so just tap on the paper plan icon in the bottom right and then you have all these messages just tap in top right and then you can send message to one person if you want to send message to multiple people and create a group chat super easy so just select [Music] few people like here i don't know the limit how many you can select and then then you can just send something um yeah something like that and then you can just manage this chat members or you can just add a chat member or remove a chat member in this group chat and then just continue communicating so it's similar to whatsapp group chats and then you can just find okay it seems you still need to send the message here so something like this and then yeah then this group chat will appear here so that's that's how it works uh of course if people unknown people just send the new messages you will see the requests here in the message requests and clubhouse so that's the idea

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