How to start a group in Dive Chat?

so let's check out how to start a group in dive chat so i can just tap start a group here you have two options i actually didn't know how to do it but there you have it so group chat a classic group chat that you know and love that are best suited for groups with less people dives like you create multiple chats inside your groups their best for groups is more than 25 people so yeah for example like if you have like you know 10 15 people or four people in whatsapp discovering where to go for the next lunch you just create a group chat dive is more like a channel where you want to manage your community so let's just create dive so for example if i want to uh i can give it a name i can give conversation names these are basically channels like channels in discord or slack i can give them names then i can invite people usually these are the people from other group chats then i can just invite them uh and there you have it so that's the idea and then basically yeah this is how it looks like these are the conversations uh you can view more conversations yeah you can then yeah see all the settings you can add photos polls links forms you can add events so this is the cool part that you can you know also have this event field in the top part so i will just show you how for example the example group looks like so these are some of the conversation channels just general message introduce yourself um uh so this is how it looks like then you can see all events for example this is some events in san francisco which you can visit uh you can even see more channels in this app so yeah it's kind of like slack for gen z or like another version of discord um so yeah you can also in the top part you can join by code you can send the dm or create new event and all of that so yeah that's basically how you create a group uh in dive chat a group or dive i hope it is helpful

How To Make A Group On Snapchat 202...
How To Make A Group On Snapchat 2022 [ Easy Tutorial ] | Online Help Guide | Snapchat Guide
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