hello so how to start a membership in planet fitness app so here you can just tap on your account then there is like my account and then you can join now so here you can start your planet fitness membership either you're a club member or not and then if you're not yet you can um select where you want to prefer to work out you can do at home or you can do in the club so then you just need to enter your [Music] details then you can just view details here and then basically you can select if you want to start with a black card or you can select with a classic account a limited access to your home club so that's like 10 dollars per month or 24.99 plus taxes and fees so it's not an end amount and what you can get unlimited access to home club planet fitness mobile app free business training free wi-fi use of any planet worldwide bringing gas anytime you use a hydro massage use of tiny this these parts are not included as you can see plus there is like a startup fee monthly use and then annual fee 39. and then there is commitment so that's basically what you can try to do and then there is like a past value with a black card um you can see the details that's 24.99 per month so then you can just get like 50 of drinks you can get some perks and then some twenty percent of a and then you can get like some annual fee some commitment and that's basically that's basically the idea so yep

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