How to start a new chat in BLOCKSCAN app?

hello so here's blockscanchat app so to add uh start a new chat just tap on the plus icon here in the top left and then you just need to enter a an ethereum address or you can just enter enc domain so to enter like your address for example i can just go to mata mask or you need to ask your friend to send your metamask his metamask address his or her minimus so and then here i can just copy it and then just pass it here i can also just scan a qr code or i can also just you know enter some enc to my address okay just for the test and then you can just click to chat with this address so nothing happens and i will just you'll be able to to start this chat and then you can see that uh yeah there is this domain actually i can also set the nickname so user addresses i can check this address on interscan and i can just set a nickname so yeah pretty cool so here i also can add all these emojis i can send a message i can archive chat the blog user

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