How to start a room via WEB BROWSER/GOOGLE in Rave app?

how to start a room uh via with the web browser in Android app so you can just tap Plus in the bottom and then you have web button but the thing is it's not exactly the complete web browser web doesn't work with every video it's a video can be played in drive a pop-up will appear so the thing is so you're just looking for videos which can be played in rev it's not possible to display a browser web browser as such in rev app you can only search here and then you can some like the so for example you can just search for some stock videos for example or anything and then uh yeah you can just tap on some video you want to play it doesn't necessarily should be YouTube uh but you can go to any web page basically and see that um and see some videos and if you want to see them you can just tap on that video and then it acts like a web browser but I'm not in the room yet um so then I can just tap to to play it and like let's see if the pop-up appears so if I start playing it seems it just won't work with Rave because if it works you will see some specific pop-up in the appear shared in the right room uh so then okay let's just so for example you can just search for that unfortunately it's not possible to sit in the right room and just Google something together as and see the the browser experience together it's uh doesn't work like that okay let's just so here you can just see some YouTube videos you can also just go to for example other website and then if you tap on this video for example then you see this pop-up you see and then you can just tap play and from here you can select this video and then it will start playing and then it's a proper room uh in the yeah where you can discuss and it's like a right room so that's the way to use the the web browser at this moment maybe in future I will that will expand this feature so that you can use web browser itself and visit different websites and discuss different like go to some Reddit thread or like whatever some of your website you like and just discuss it together or visit some blog at the moment you can only select specific videos and then just see it

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