How to start a stream in Chai app and get BONUS MESSAGES?

so how to start a stream live stream in chai app and get bonus messages so the new update from the app says that if you start a stream in the app and you attract more than five users you get unlimited number of messages you can send so basically here is the chat i can chat with the bot but then i can just tap live and then i can just tap start streaming and then in the top i see zero watching so something like that so you can then just chat but still uh still i i see that nobody is watching yet so if your your aim is is to make this chat like super uh like entertaining and fun and then people can start watching your chat and if you attract more than five viewers all messages you send during that chat i guess they're free and that they are not charged and you can send in them unlimited um so that's basically how it works this is a bit new feature um and i don't know how yeah so just continue chatting like that and then you can just stop streaming on on or just continue trying to develop this but yeah again the feature is that if you attract more than five users you get unlimited messages otherwise you have 70 messages left which are reset every three hours i already used file messages so hope that is helpful

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