How to STAY SAFE on GAS app? Recommendations

so here's gazab and uh yeah there are some rumors that this app is a bit unsafe spread on Snapchat I talked about it in my other videos that I think this this rumors are just Hawks it's it's false that this app is using for trafficking on any other stuff like that I think that founders of this app are pretty well known like in Silicon Valley and in the United States they had already had some super successful projects I don't think they would risk their reputation just for this app and you clearly know who are the founders who are the team who are developers of this app are so it doesn't seem like that but just in case you are still a bit suspicious and of course you can be my there is no hundred percent uh sure uh that yeah everything is super safe on these apps of course so here are some recommendations also from the gas app but maybe you have other ideas just leave them in the comments what you can do if you still want to use Gaza but you want to make sure that you're completely safe on this app so first yeah only join schools that you currently attend uh when you join a school that isn't yours people who don't know you can request to be friends with you and our giant school is that you don't attend actually when you create an account in a gas app yeah you just enable your location and you can join the schools which are in your area and it's pretty easy to join uh but yeah like some other strangers can also do that so that's that's a bit weird actually as I understand you don't need to confirm with your school email address or anything like that so there is no additional verification so any like stranger like you know can just join the the any school I think so that's a bit weird but still this app has some security in place so for example if you join the school you are not attended and you're given access to your contacts and the app identifies that majority of your contacts are are not studying in that school are not like associated with the school probably you can be removed also others users can report you easily and submit proof that you are not studying you are not their classmate you're not in that same high school so that that risk can also be diminished uh on the Assad accept friend requests from people who you know in real life gas is an app to complement friends that you know any strangers with a lot of people who don't know you to vote in you so don't add and don't accept friend requests from strangers do not share phone numbers devices or codes with friends um so yeah don't don't do that uh obviously and don't sign up with your friends phone number don't impersonate other people because it will just create confusion it can create a lot of like unsureness and security risks also disable location access after signing up so it's super easy to go in your settings app I can just show you just go to your settings app after you signed up search for the gas app so here you can just search for the gas app here is it and then instantly you can just go to location and tap never and don't turn on precise location guest app doesn't need your precise location and gas app only needs your location once when you when you are creating an account uh so that's the the only place where it actually it needs needed it doesn't need for any app functionality it only needs your location to identify schools which are in your in your area that's it when you're creating an account so you can just disable location when you create an account and then just manually search for the school in in your area that's it you don't need location at all uh and then your friends can see your top lines when visiting your profile if you're not comfortable with this you can hide them by going to edit profile manage account and hide top flames so that's that also you can report users who break the rules do not sign up under someone else name do not use inappropriate profile photos and you can always reach out help gas you can always tag Nikita beer at Twitter they also have their Twitter there so that's it hope it is helpful

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