How to submit a radio station in Radio Garden Live app?

submit a radio station in radio Garden live just go to the settings tab in bottom right and then you can just tap to submit the radio station you just need them to fill in the station submission form here so here also if you want to propose a change to an existing station or either Garden you just need to some also submit some other form so here you can just fill in the station submission form so let's just go there and see what information they need from you so for example if you are some small independent station or something like that and you want to get some promotion maybe some new listeners or something like that that's where you can try to go to and your radio station to generate a garden Globe station are usually add it within a few days after being checked by our team of editors when we have added the station you will receive an email visit directly into you don't write your garden website the website and Stream So here are some guidelines the website and streamlined be online 24 7. uh the stream must be accessible from the radio station's website the website must contain basic information about the station like schedule and contact information stream must be submitted in these formats stream must be available and licensed for listening from all countries and then here you can select a new station or you can select the station update maybe existing station already was submitted but there are some changes and all of that so new station you need to include FM I am frequency in title station slogan broadcast type station stream URL website City Village state country so this kind of information what you need to expect to provide some of this is required some of this is optional as you can see require this Visa right asterisk so that's what you need to provide for sure and yeah that's basically how it works uh hope this is helpful

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