How to submit Rate Limit Increase Form in OpenAI api?

hey everyone so how to submit right limit increase request form so that's basically the idea if you can go to you can just find out this form and then you can just reach out to that and this is like a rate limit increase request which you can fill out and then you can just increase your rate limit and then yeah you can just fill out your email your organization ID choose the model which you need the right limit increase then you can just enter your model name in here so you can just find all of that here just depending there are different rates for Ada or DaVinci models is just all different and then yeah here you can just submit share evidence of need and it's like just the Google form but note we will not be able to increase rate limits for chat GPT and added search answers classifications and points at this time if you still encounter rate limit errors please fill out the form below and we will evaluate your request if you are able to increase your rate limit to the requested level you'll respond within 7 10 business days if you have other questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact us we are happy to help so there you have it

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