How to subscribe to a newsletter on Substack app? Beginner guide

so how to subscribe to newsletter on substack maybe it's a simple tutorial but for people who just starting out I'm using a substack mobile app of course you can go to website and just subscribe there on on your browser but it's easier and smoother on a mobile app so just go to discover feed and then you can see featured newsletters you can see categories like politics technology and then you can just tap Plus icon where you want to subscribe so just like that and then you're subscribed that's that um uh you can show on your profile or not then there is a recommended by others but also you can just tap search and then search sub stack and here you can just search by name of the uh name of the newsletter and then uh yeah for example this one uh you can do that and then you just subscribe so here you have options so free subscriber you can then manage subscription and then uh you can manage all of that on on the on the web and then you can just also access all these newsletters like this so yeah kind of cool uh you can also manage subscription and unsubscribe from from the app hope this is helpful

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