How to Subscribe to SnapChat Plus?

so snapchat plus was released and how to enable that i'm just going to hear through the article from from this blog which you can see in the bottom of the address so it says that first of course you need to update your snapchat app and then just go to snapchat profile and then you need to tap snapchat plus icon as you can see i don't have that so to see your snapchat profile tap in top left on the snapchat homepage but i don't see any snapchat plus button i was curious why is that so seems like snapchat plus is only released in uh in few countries so it's only released in u.s canada uk france germany australia new zealand saudi arabia united arab emirates so yeah if you are if your account is tied to these countries if you are located in these countries you should see the snapchat plus button inside of your profile section otherwise there is no way to try snapchat plus at this moment but it will be rolling out soon to two more markets um so that's basically that um so it the service overall costs 3.99 per month uh it doesn't remove ads so you'll still have ads but it adds some like really cool features if you are using snapchat almost every day and you're really passionate with the app you use it to communicate with your best friends so some features will include like you can change your snapchat icon you can try out some new features faster than other users you can mark your friends as best friends and move pin them to the in the chats so that's basically that and so that's the idea um you can read more about it on other articles unfortunately i'm in denmark i don't have access yet um so you can see which people have re-watched your stories and all of that anyhow hope this is helpful

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