hey everyone so how to switch accounts on Telegram super easy so yes you can do that on telegram you can have multiple accounts on one telegram app it's like pretty convenient there are multiple use cases where you just need need that um so yeah you can just have settings and then you see a list of all your other accounts here and then you can just tap and then basically you just switch to another account and then if you go back then you have your another account seen here and then you can just go back and just switch to that account easily and that's how it works if you didn't add your account yet you can just tap add account and then you just need to enter your phone number your country and then you will be easily able to add your account uh you can also tap edit and then tap add another account so this is what you can do to just add easily another account to your telegram so it's like pretty handy it's not like on WhatsApp on WhatsApp it's impossible on telegram it's possible so there you have it

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