How to SWITCH APPS on NEWER IPHONES? iPhone 14 Plus

here's iPhone 14 pro and it's a bit different from you know from older iPhones so how to switch between apps so just from the bottom swipe your finger to the top and then you will be able to kind of scroll between apps and different screens so then you can just swipe right left and then if you don't like some app you can just swipe it up and then I just closed my mail app and that's also the way to restart the app and start it from the beginning so you can just swipe up like this and that's the way you can basically restart any app or you can just swipe left and right and just go to any other app so then I just went to one app and then I swipe again and this app is in the in the beginning of the queue now and then I see all other apps behind so that's just like an overview that's the idea uh hope you like it also if you want to go to your home screen really fast you do the same movement as to switch in before between us but just to do like a half swipe so it's like half of it and then you instantly go to the home screen

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