so how to switch from ethereum to polygon on openc or vice versa so for example here i have i connected my meta mask i want to log out and then yeah i guess i need to open metamask again i'm just like showing it for you guys so you don't need to do it yourself just um so i have my chrome extension series i have a polygon added so basically i also created another video how to add polygon like quickly just need to add this stuff in the in the network uh name so anyways if you want you can watch another video about that but uh here it is i have uh my wallet i can just go to etyron and then i can go to login and login with with that and then that's my profile or maybe i can even like you know open metamask here and i don't need to tap log out and stuff and just put from here should that work so something like that and then then i can just create that tap to create and then i can sign in here and then just log in with meta mask um and then select blockchain polygon so that's basically the idea yeah hope it is helpful

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