How to switch to kids profile in Peacock app?

hello so here is peacock app so there is a kiss profile to switch to kiss profile just tap in top right and then you can just swipe to the right and you will have kids profile there is default kids profile here and you don't need to create one that's similar as on netflix so you just have here kids profile you can just tap on it and it it will be available and yeah so then you will see the kids content only um if you want to you can always create a new profile and you can um select is it to be a kid's profile and if so the p cork will only show content write it to vpg pg or below you can also set up parental pin in your account settings but to set up parental controls on peacock app you can only do that from the web or from the desktop it's not possible to do in peacock mobile app so yeah for example and then you can just give a name and that's that then you have the kids profile here so hope that is helpful and yeah thanks for watching                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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