in case you want to tag products in youtube video you need to go to youtube studio and then you need to be on a beta um because yeah probably this program will roll out to majority of creators in the future but right now it's just available to a specific set of creators so then you just go to standard like details editing interface and then here under subtitles and screen cards you will just see products so then you can just tap products here and then you can just see uh brought to tag products in your video so of course it should be relevant and if you're mentioning something in your video or some product then it will have a higher click to rate um and uh yeah just one every time when people click on it basically you will earn like 40 cents or something like that so it's not like affiliate where people need to go to a link and actually purchase their product so this is a standard monetization model for majority of youtubers where you just put these links like amazon links or something in your description people go there but you don't earn anything until people actually click in this way even sorry until people actually buy the product in this model even if people don't buy but just click you still can can earn some revenue as a youtube creator so that's super interesting model i don't know if it will be fixed or it if it will stay but there you have it that's just what it is at this moment um so then yeah you can just tap save and then the products should just appear be added to your video um so hope something like that is helpful check it out if you have this feature in your youtube studio

Use this recipe? #shorts #youtubeal...
Use this recipe? #shorts #youtubealgorithm
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