hello everyone so now while i'm uploading a video to youtube there is a new feature which is called tag products it says it is a better program it's i think it's not available for everyone but uh yeah it's just launched so here it is so let's just go here so you can upload a new video when you upload new video you can tag products in the video element section and then just add them and then you can also uh go to the video details page and edit them uh then you can see the agreement uh [Music] and then you can also contact for support here so that's that's interesting place to contact them and then i think if you just accepted that um there should be some auto tagging available and [Music] and then they i think they can even buy you like some fixed amount like uh 80 or something and then you usually for example you can type something like this uh i don't know if these are like uh you know only physical products or also like software products so i'm not sure about it so for example if i'm interested in like cryptocurrency exchange like okay but if if i want to tag like camera so it can be really amazing for uh like you know tech uh reviewers and then you can just add it like this and then that's basically you add this product and it is tagged into video and then you just tap continue and yeah follow the instructions so i don't know like i can do this and then i just type continue let's see what happens so then i well that's that and then i continue with video upload so that's interesting interesting development and then you can earn money just by people clicking on that product i don't know yet how it is like displayed in the video itself uh but seems um yeah it's a nice tactic because usually bloggers just use affiliate links you go to like like you create like affiliate link or and then you earn all the revenue based on purchases people did from your orders but probably google youtube has better matching algorithms and who who will ever go to your descriptions there's a very low percentage of people people much better click on the video so maybe youtube can publish these links right in the video and that will have higher conversion rate and then instead of going like to amazon checking your affiliate commission and all of that google will automatically do it for you and you will receive a payment from there so i guess that's how it works but this feature is still in beta there will probably a lot of changes but it's really amazing development let's see how it works

Use this recipe? #shorts #youtubeal...
Use this recipe? #shorts #youtubealgorithm
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