How to take a Community guidelines training in YouTube? My experience

Taking a Community Guidelines training in YouTube is an essential step for content creators to ensure that their videos comply with the platform's policies. In this article, I will share my personal experience with accessing and completing the training.

To begin, accessing the Community Guidelines training is a straightforward process. After logging into your YouTube studio at, you will usually notice a notification bar at the top of the page, notifying you about the availability of the training. Upon clicking on the notification, you will be directed to a specific video where you can take action.

Once you are on the video page, you will find a variety of actions available for that particular video. Among them, you will see the option to take the Community Guidelines training. This training consists of seven questions designed to assess your understanding of the policies you may have violated.

Upon completing the training, you will receive a message acknowledging your efforts and expressing appreciation for your commitment to keeping YouTube safe. The training also provides you with the date when any active warning will expire. This expiration date is crucial, as violating the same policy before it expires will result in a strike against your channel.

However, if you violate a different policy, you will receive another warning, giving you the opportunity to take another training session. It is important to note that appealing a decision made by YouTube is possible, but there is no guarantee of a successful outcome.

YouTube's Community Guidelines training is tailored to the specific policy violations you may have encountered. Each training module presents scenarios related to the violated policy, allowing you unlimited attempts to answer the questions correctly. The questions themselves are not trivial, but rather thoughtfully crafted, addressing intricacies and edge cases that content creators may struggle to understand.

The training serves as a valuable resource for creators, helping them navigate the sometimes complex landscape of policy compliance. It is particularly beneficial for those involved in content creation related to sensitive or controversial topics, where finding the right balance can be challenging.

While the YouTube algorithm has faced criticism from many creators, it is commendable that the platform has taken steps to provide a policy training opportunity. This initiative expands the possibilities for warnings and allows creators to improve their understanding of the guidelines.

In conclusion, taking the Community Guidelines training in YouTube is a necessary step to ensure compliance with platform policies. By accessing the training through the video pages and answering the seven questions provided, creators can enhance their understanding of policy violations and work towards creating content confidently. While the training requires careful attention to detail, it ultimately contributes to a safer and more informed YouTube community.

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